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    The importance of profile moving head lights in large-scale activities
    Time: 2018-07-04 17:03:40

    The principle of moving head GOBO light is the cutting of the beam with an electrically. It means that the area that shines should be lit to remove the area that is not bright. The profile moving head GOBO light enhances stage clarity and concentrates its focuses on the highlights. The versatility and flexibility of the profile moving head lights can enhance the lighting designer's control and enable him/her to achieve their planned lighting effect completely.


    On my recent study of four large-scale activities on the internet, I found the use of the profile moving head lights played an important role in stage lighting.


    This establishes that profile moving head  lights are now indispensable and an essential part of any large-scale entertainment stage lighting activity.


    Interestingly Industry experts now believe that soon there will be there will be primarily 3 main types of prominent stage lights in the near future:


    1) profile moving head  lights -also called Framing moving head light,


    2) beam lights moving head light


    3) 3 in1 hybrid  moving head light.


    Currently the profile moving head lights have either bulb as their light source or LED lights. Each light source have their own advantages.  


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    The following are illustrations to substantiate the above:

    The picture 1 is created by using 3 types of lights. 

        1.  beam lights moving head light,   

        2.  profile moving head  lights 

        3.  Hybrid 3 in 1 moving head light. 

    They are all used collectively .

    Similarly the lighting in the second picture is created by the use of 100 pieces of Profile moving head lights.

    The picture 3 is created by a large number of FINE 1400 PERF profile moving head  lights.

    The picture 4 is created by the use 115 pieces of Profile moving head lights.