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XMLITE Hotbeam moving head light used in Shangdong TV
XMLITE Hotbeam(10R moving head) will be used for \" The Face of China\"in Shandong TV.Many Chinese stars will show there, such as Caiming, Pan Changjiang, Liujing, Huawei etc.
XMLITE Moving head for the biggest hotel
XMlite support moving heads to Panjin Kunlun Hotel new banquet hall, covers an area of 5000 square meters, can accommodate 2000 people dining at the same time, it is the largest banquet hall in  Liaoning province.  
HOT BEAM280 Moving beam used on International Consumer Rights Day
XMLITE HOT BEAM280 Moving beam used for CCTV1  performance  on International Consumer Rights DayThe influential China Central Television program 315 Evening Gala, which usually exposes busin...
CCTV15 HOT BEAM moving head showing again
CCTV15 the performance used 60pcs XMLite hot beam 280 products again!
XMLite Moving head beam280 Cheer on the night of Guinness
The 2015 Guinness China Night\" (Spring Edition)  in the Jiangsu province of Jiangyin Hailan International Equestrian Club start recording on 5th Jan 2015. A pro...
XMLITE Moving head beam light 280W showed in CCTV
XMLITE MOVING HEAD BEAM 280W HOT BEAM SHOWED IN CCTVThis is first time for XMLite in CCTV, 280W hot beam give the amazing impression because of the Beam, Spot, and wash real effect. Because this model...
160pcs Hot beam280 moving head light Brighted the Beijing Water cube
The Hot beam280 moving head light used in the most famous hall in Beijing--The Beijing National Aquatics Center .It is  officially known as the National Aquatics Center, and colloquially known as the Water Cube, ...
HOT BEAM280 moving head light up for the Comedy Show-2nd Season
The first Season of 2014, \"I\'m Crazy for the comedy\" ranked the first time viewing,  it become the 2014 comedy show like a dark horse, Now the second season start ma...