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Another performance use the Hot beam280 moving head light for the show
The hot beam280, we compared  other factories\'s 330W(15R) , customer think the brightness nearly same. even the hot beam280 was more brighter.From the prism, the gobos, and the beam angle, c...
New project for hot beam280 moving head light in SHANXI TV
The Shows \"Songs from Yellow River\" is a new project take out by Shanxi TV, cooperate with National Folk Literature & Art Development Center of Ministry of Culture. The show grow up by t...
Powerful OSRAM280W moving head light (Hot beam) had a brilliant performance
The new HOT BEAM280 product, it is a very bright and with a sharp parrael beam. 2.5-20 degree beam angle , the output is more clear and brilliant.Add in rotation 6 way linear and 8 facet prism. with z...
Amazing 280W moving head beam (BEAMSPOT) used in a bar
280w moving head beam used in a bar again!With amazing zoom effect, you can have beam if you want, and you can make delicata big gobo as you thought. this model is bright enough as beam, also is wide angle en...
Xmlite 200W moving head beam used for China largest Bamboo Festival
Xmlite 200W moving head beam with honourly used for China\'s largest and highest and most influential national and international bamboo festival it was Seventh China Bamboo Cultural Festival, held in Yixing,9-10th November 2013.
XMLITE 230w moving head beam shines Hubei TV
2014, be called domestic television screen comedy year. In this comedy competition, of Hubei TV became one of the most outstanding , achieve five continuous champion on Thursday evening. Except Guo degang, Xiena, and Yinda as the \"iron triangle\" mentor lineup made us admire,
230w Moving head beam show in Heilongjiang TV
Heilongjiang TV show was very happy with cooperation with Guangzhou Xiangming light company, All Xmlite beam 230W scene brightness , excellent accuracy performance , to record the program performanced successfully.
XMLite beam200 Moving head high performance
Jinling Petrochemical Company held every four years in cultural festivals,used best quality of XMLite beam200. it is the company\'s first spiritual civilization showcase